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Skoon-by-mir' privacy policy applies to all services offered by and on our webshop. By surfing this website and using this webshop you accept our privacy policy. Of course we take the necessary measures to protect your privacy and personal information of every customer is treated confidentially. When registering on the website, some personal data must be entered. This is necessary to optimally perform the offered service and will not be exchanged with third parties.


An exception to this is a web application linked to the web shop as well as the Skoon-by-mir website. After all, only the required data will be used and will not simply be distributed further. In addition, there is the possibility that personal data is disseminated internally for proper functioning. However, even in this case, every Skoon-by-mir employee is obliged to regard such information as confidential. Various means of communication may require us to ask for personal information in order to provide you with a better service, such as to better answer your question. Communication may be saved, for example e-mails or other messages. These are also not shared with third parties, but treated confidentially. Information that we obtain from our customers and users of the website is used for the proper functioning of the provision of our service and not for other purposes, unless stated otherwise and with the consent of the user.


As mentioned above, our privacy policy applies to this website. As this can always change, we reserve the right to adjust the privacy policy. It is therefore recommended to read this regularly. The visitors and users of our webshop are given the opportunity to adjust personal data. If you wish to retrieve your data from our data, you can contact us. Further questions regarding our privacy policy can be directed to:

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