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978 Days

Hi everyone! Today it has been a month since I've arrived in Belgium and a lot has changed... For the first time I feel serene in Belgium, for the first time I feel home again. I haven't had that feeling in almost 8 years. I don't know why I'm crying when writing this last sentence now... I think it's gratitude, safety, liberating, ... mixed emotions!

The relationship with my family has improved even more since I've been home. Which is just wonderful!!

Everything is going good at the moment (Touch wood)! From experience I know when everything is going well there will be something less good following to keep te balance... But I'm trying to find positivity in everything! It has made my life so much less stressful! On the 28th of September (if my cousin calculated right) I will be 1000 days clean and serene! That just gives me such a warm feeling! I must say that I'm proud of myself !

For now I will focus on moving back to home (Belgium) and on my work. I've done my rebranding and I am a Certified Wix Partner now, I am ready to grow even more and to discover more ideas! I really want to develop a drink for people who don't drink and don't have to drink soft drinks all night to keep the price down... But that can wait a little bit! That is one of my ideas I have at the moment so let's see! One thing at a time!

I know this isn't a long blogpost, I wanted to make it short and sweet!


Lot's of love


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