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922 Days

Hi, it's been a long time since I've written a blog... I honestly don't have any excuse for it. I've been writing but not on my blog... I do apologize for it. I didn't know people were actually reading and following my blog. And waiting for the next post to come out so that makes me feel loved, thank you for that! Also for the people who have send me messages asking about my next blogpost!

So since my last blogpost, a lot has happend... My heart was broken into a thousand pieces over some guy I liked but it's all better now. I think it's the first time that I'm not afraid to write about my romantic feeling... I always keep them inside to afraid to talk about it. Like my best friend knows all about it and my counsellor but not really the outside world.. I mean I'll mention something small but not make a big thing about it... So yeah heartbreak is not fun but luckily I'm healing an learning from it. Wasn't the right person. There will be someone for me in the future (Well I hope so 😅)!

Besides that I've been doing a lot of work for my Websites and the more websites I make the more I love doing it. So if anyone needs a website, please think of me! Thaaaanks!

And by working on my website I've learned that photography is something I absolutely love! Taking pictures of people is some sort of therapy for me. I bought a Film Camera (Pentax) like in the old days... Having to wait for your pictures to get developed is just so exciting but I also feel so impatient hahaha... So I do digital and film photography as a hobby. If you wanna see some pictures, here is a link:

I've also been in touch with my inner child the last few weeks... From watching movies again after a very long time, music from a long time ago, seeing pictures from when I was a kid. Then I've also been processing a box from when I was little with all different things I saved and for some reason there are a lot of things of Africa in there which I never actually knew... As a kid I wasn't really saying I want to go to Africa but now as a grown up I am! South Africa is where I was reborn. Where I got clean and sober. Where I started my journey to find myself again. And I'm so grateful for it!

So my emotion have been going up and down the last 2 months but I've been growing and learning form every situation. And today even though it's raining and we are in winter, I'm okay!

Also I'm coming to Belgium for some time in the beginning of August! My question of staying in Belgium or South Africa will remain unanswered for a while I guess... For now I will be going back and forwards. I hope Covid disappears like now and that the world can relax again. That we can stop living in this panic and fear world. let's pray for everyone who is suffering from Covid!

The only advice I can give is to live day by day because we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. In my recovery I live a just for today program and it gives me freedom and motivation to go on! If you need anyone to talk to please don't hesitate to contact me!


Lot's of love


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