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861 Days

I need to get something off my chest... I'm very confused at the moment... I have a million ideas I want to work on but I don't know where to begin... It's very confusing in my head. I can't seem to separate my different ideas from each other and work on them individually. Have you ever felt like this?

Emotional wise I feel like on a rollercoaster of emotions but still feeling positive and driven to continue my journey of life! Not everything is negative or confusing... Just creative wise I'm a bit stuck on what to do next...

Also I wanted to be nice to someone and support them with a business that they are starting but that was not accepted by the person who received the gift (someone advised this person not to accept) so I do feel weird about that cause I don't want to cause any drama and don't really know what to do. Only thing I wanna do is run away from this person cause I feel I screwed up but anyway there are other things to worry about. Guess this is something else I'm confused about hahaha.

Sorry that this post is about self-pity but I will rise up again! I listened to this podcast today while I was driving and they talked about that you don't always have to write something positive or write what people want to hear, just write what comes up for you and don't listen to any judgement. I think I'm going to stick to that and write when I feel my true self writing (not that I have been lying or anything) Life on life terms my friends. Life is filled with ups and downs, positive and negative so let me end with something very positive and I am actually gonna do now when I post this... I started swimming at the gym, not training for anything but it clears my head and I feel great afterwards.. So let me get my stuff and I am on my way to the gym! See I'm already starting to rise again!


Lot's of love


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