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800 Days

Wow... 800 days sober... That is a long time! 2 years, 2 months and 10 days and still counting!

I was talking to a very inspiring lady last week and we said to each other " I've made a life decision to not use until I die " . It sounds scary for a lot of people but not for me because this is my decision and I will always take it day by day. And tell myself everyday, Today I'm not using. Is it easy to tell myself this every day? Hell no, but it gets easier.

Last Saturday I did my first face to face meeting and I just felt so safe. I missed f2f meetings very much. They're magical, safe, inspiring and so much more...

So my past 2 weeks in Cape Town have shown me how much I need my program and support system. I want to be humble, calm, serene, grounded again. So I made a decision to move back to Cape Town on the 1st of April. I was reborn in Cape Town and CT feel so much like home for me. Also I didn't really know how much of good, genuine friends I have there... It was a little bit hard to accept that I do deserve this genuine friendship and that people actually missed me. Okay this does feed my ego a little bit tho but I just feel so grateful for it!!

The best part for me was knowing that Gigi (Rottweiler) still remembers me!! This dog is my rock, she is always there when I need her. (you can see her on the picture of this post) Then there is Chase (Boerboel) Who used to sleep on my head when he was little cause now he's a big boy haha (you can also see him on the picture of this post) Chase also remembers me! So the first day I saw them they both jumped on me to give me a hug and kisses #bestfeelingever

For the first time in a very long time I have a plan, my parents are proud and supportive of my plan and that just means the world to me.

I will miss my family very very very much!

Lot's of love


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