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685 Days

Hello everyone!

So the last few days I have been craving Christmas... It is still (let me check my countdown) 38 days it's Christmas - The most wonderful time of the year! I must say that 2 years ago I had the worst and the best Christmas! For those who aren't noticing... I am a Christmas addict. I love the spirit and I may exaggerate in the whole Christmas stuff and start way to early but hey, for the past 6-8 months we all have been dealing with Covid-19 and being alone en trapped and so on and so on... People died because of Covid-19, the disease and not to forget also people died because of being lonely. There are more people depressed and alone now. All I want to say is STAY STRONG! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! IF YOU NEED TO TALK, I AM HERE!! WE ALL ARE!! That's why I think we can start the Christmas vibes very early this year. The only thing we are allowed to do right now (some of us) is work. Is life all about work? NO! But it does play a part!

I think in life we all need a balance of everything! We learn, we grow, we hurt, we cry, we scream, we fall, we rise, we laugh, we sleep, we eat, we love, we hope, we trust, WE ARE HUMANS!

You know... All I want is to be myself, with no excuse or reason why I want to be myself. Bad days become a learning process, a milestone, a point where we just need to hit pause for a minute. Without our bad days we wouldn't enjoy our best days. Everyday we learn and grow. Perfect doesn't exist and we need to remember this! We all are going through a rough year but in the end we still have each other. I am grateful that our technologie has developed to a point where we can call each other, we can text each other, ... Whenever we want to! How amazing is this? And if you are not using these tools then start! Don't you have friend or someone to talk to? I'm here, I'm always here. So you are not alone. Feel the Christmas spirit, Go outside your comfort zone and just start being you! (just remember the laws and all)

I know that all my blogs are a bit all over the place but I'm not apologising for it. This is me and my brain just sharing on whatever goes on in my head!

Like I was watching Lily and Dash earlier, such a beautiful series (love the Christmas spirit) and I was thinking that this story was so pure and honest. The quest they do is so nice but then I wonder... Does this happen in real life? Maybe I shouldn't be wondering this but I do... Does this exist? (Okay, I do not believe in fairytailes but I got to admit that I do like them). This was just a little thing I wanted to share ! Not really important but so beautiful!

So my point is... Be yourself, love yourself, stay strong, stay connected, ... And it's okay to have the Christmas vibe early this year! No excuses needed!

I also want to say that if you need to talk, you may always send me a message!

' Don't give up. One day you'll look back and be glad you didn't! '


Lot's of love and warmth


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