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616 Days

Good Feeling - I have had and actually still have a very good and nice feeling the past few days. I saw some friends which I had a very nice time with. For the first time I feel comfortable being home. I had such funny conversations and most important of all. I was myself and I didn't need any substances to help me. I wasn't afraid to just be who I am cause that is my right. I believe being yourself is very important. When I see someone who is just who they want to be, there is a natural glow around them. This is so beautiful to see and feel. I did realise that going out is not really my life anymore but I am keen to do it once in a while!

There was also someone who came to me (I didn't know this person) and asked me if I was the girl who writes a blog. I felt so warm inside, this means that people do read my blog! This makes me so happy!

The friends I saw this week were such beautiful souls who don't judge me and just accept me so I want to say to all of you: Thank you!

I just know I'm not like most people (haha) but that's more then okay! I'm just being M(ari)E again!

My job hunting is making progress as well!

A friend of me came on a surprise visit and we had so much fun! And tonight I'm starting with Tog Chöd in 'Centrum Emerald' in Waregem. I have never ever done this before but I am excited to learn about it. And I will keep you guys posted as well!!

I am grateful for new opportunities, friends, food, being able to walk, to be alive, to allow myself to be me,...

Lot's of Love


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