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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Insecurities - This whole week I’ve been feeling very insecure and stressed. I think it’s because I’m scared where the future will bring me. I’m looking for a job and I’m making progress. But I‘m also very scared for this next chapter. I know i’ll be fine but I’ll have to work through my fears first. The other thing on my mind is knowing my best friend who hasn’t talked to me since a certain situation makes me feel like she does not care at all so I think it’s time to let go and accept. I still think it’s very sad but nothing I can change.

But it was not all bad this week! I got a nice compliment from my dad.

4 more months until I’m 2 years clean. I went for an interview to do volunteerwork. I saw 3 friends and I had a very fun and nice time with them! I’m still looking for the right fabrics for my new product.

So I am excited for new things and I should have faith in the future and in my higer power. My higher power will guide me in my future. And I still believe everything happens for a reason. And something I need to say to take it out of my head (and I feel I’m going the same circle) but I have a feeling that my closest friend is taking distance from me but I shouldn’t take this personally actually. This person is doing their journey like everyone else. I need to be more grateful and less selfish.

So this week I am grateful for my friends I saw. My parents and new opportunities.

I have a question...

Do you like my blog?

Lots of love



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