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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Your natural self - I wanted to talk about being yourself, looking yourself, just be who you are. I’ve noticed that at some points I want to be skinner and put make up on but actually I don’t need to do this. I am who I am. If i’m weird, so be it. If I‘m fat, so be it. If I want to wear this, so be it. Cause it doesn’t matter how you look. You just need to be okay with who you are. Do I have a past? Yes. Do I still live in it? No. My main point is that if you are okay with you then that is all that matters. JUST BE WHO YOU ARE! Is it easy to do this? No, not always. We have plenty of icons we want to be or how we want to look like but nobody is going to like you more for being someone you’re not. In the end you just end up hurting yourself. Be around the people who like you for you. I had a big struggle with this. And to be honest, I still do sometimes but then I just think to myself why do I want this person to like me? Why do I want to look like this? What does she/he have that I don’t have? Then my head goes: WRONG!! You are enough. You are you. You are the best that you want to be not that someone else wants you to be. It someone else’s loss when they don’t appreciate/love/like/... you! Because everyone is special in their own way. Be true to yourself and you will shine even brighter ☀️

Just be yourself cause everyone else is already taken.

Lot’s of love


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