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522 Days

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

When life pulls me down, it pulls me up as well. Sometimes I need some time to see the positive in things. Some clarity and my own fault in the situation. I took some days to take a look at everything that happend and I pulled through. I didn't use, I'm still alive, my health is fine and now my emotions have found balance again. I lost my direction for a bit but I have found a new direction. I have learned to accept some things that I cannot change. No matter what there is no excuse to use. I mean a glass of milk won't fix things so certainly substances won't. I always know that I will pull through and survive whatever life trows at me. Everything that is happening happens for a reason. Like my past happend to make me who I am today. Today I was reminded of the story that saved my life. And I am so grateful for this person, I don't wish this disease of addiction on anyone but hearing this person talking, it reminded me of being humble and being grateful. (If this person reads this, this is a big big big thank you to you! You are an inspiration! *Because of privacy reasons, anonymity remains of this person*) These few days of reflecting on myself gave me a lot of inspiration that I may share with all of you. I will keep you all updated! If anyone has any question about something, you can always contact me! Today I learned to accept my flaws and that there will always be work to be done on myself but also discover more and more of my strengths I have. And that I always will have fears and hopes in my life. My fear of today is losing the people I love the most. People come and go but only the ones who want to stay, will stay cause I am enough. Remember: Take it day by day!

Lots of Love


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