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1429 Days

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Hi Guys! I'm here again with a new post! It's been a few weeks since I've posted something... I was finding my positivity again. I even don't remember what I last wrote about since I don't read my own post... woops! #sorry

Soooo, I first want to write about Walter & Lola! Walter is my new dog (Golden Retriever). Don't worry Lola is still here and not going anywhere! Lola her 14th birthday is coming up in January woohooo! Walter has been with me for 6 days now and all I've doing is cleaning my dogs feces... But that comes with it! Walter is learning that he needs to go outside which is great! One step at a time! My dogs are my 2 best friends!

I've had a very nice time lately actually. Just doing what I want to do. Taking time for myself but also... Christmas is coming! My favourite time of the year! Everything is so cosy and warm. I love it! I'm also very excited about Christmas dinner that is coming up with my friends! And offcourse family Christmases are the best!! So I'm happy about the times that are coming! Just New Years is something that is difficult because I don't know what I'm going to do yet. Probably just be at home with my dogs! We will see! Andddd on the 2nd of January I will be 4 years clean and serene! Yaaay for me!

I still have some off days but they're okay. It's part of life. I still have my fears and distorted thinking. Sometimes I think that my friends don't want to see me. Sometimes I think I won't make it through the month financially because everything is getting expensive. I'm still human and overthink some things that I probably shouldn't but yeah who doesn't? It's life on life terms! I still want to belong and I think that feeling will never fully go away. I'm still kind of hurting but i'm healing at the same time. There are always positive and negative things in life but that is what keeps us balanced.

Tonight I went to a networking event and I thought I wasn't going to like it or be shy but I actually had a very nice time! I went with a friend and we met a very nice young lady who actually just made our night. I just had so much fun. We talked about unexpected topics which were interesting... It was just an amazing night which I enjoyed very much! I also got positive comments on my business concept which give me a positive boost!

I would want to explain how my mood changed but I'm not sure how or why it changed... I think I needed to feel the pain in order to heal. And that's okay! So I'm just living my life and I (try) stopped caring what other want me to do. Also a big big big thank you to my parents who surprised me with a puppy!! I'm grateful for the friends that have supported me during the last few weeks and also thank you for believing in my instead of giving up on me! I know I was a wreck so that must have been hard to deal with but still thank you! Love you guys!

I have to sleep now as it is 1.00 am and I need to work tomorrow! Thank you for reading my blog anf have an awesome Christmas and New Years!


Lot's of love


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