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1222 Days

Hello everyone!

Today was Mother’s Day… and what a beautiful day it was! I didn’t only celebrate with my mom but with the whole family and it was so nice to be with everyone together again. Last year I was still in South Africa and I couldn’t be with my mom. This year I was able to be with her in person and I was very happy! The bond with my mom has improved so much and it warms my heart whenever I see her! Thank you mom for being my mom! I LOVE YOU!

Sooo, to recap the last few weeks since my last blog! I have been very very busy the last few weeks but I also enjoy being busy but it’s been a little much the last week but that’s okay, I’m still alive and nothing major happend. It’s life and work. I know I’m not the only one who has this feeling! I started a new job and I just have to find a new balance between this job and my own business. And I will get there! I have some great friends who support me in my journey and that is very nice!

Living by myself has also been great! I have my own little routine and I’ve really made a home for myself and my dog Lola. It’s very nice to do my own cleaning which I never thought I would enjoy haha but yes I do enjoy it actually!

Otherwise I have been feeling good and happy! Don’t get me wrong, I still have my off days which is completely normal but I don’t live by them and that’s a big difference. Sometimes I do have a difficulty talking about myself and that sometimes I don’t know what’s going in my head. Like there are 2 things I want to start doing again but I keep prosponing it and than I start beating myself up for it and I lose the willingness to actually do it. That’s something I don’t like about myself but I will find the missing piece and actually do these goals!

Another thing I wanted to say is that I want to thank everyone around me for respecting the fact that I don’t drink and that I have my own boundaries being around alcohol. So thank you for this! I really appreciate it!

I could keep on typing but I feel that I’m going to fall asleep as it is 00h13 and I need to work tomorrow. So I need to sleep now hehe

Goodnight to everyone and have a wonderful sleep! Sleep tight xxx And keep on shining!


Lot’s of love


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