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1147 Days

Hi everyone! I know that it’s been a while… my apologies for that! I have been very busy lately which is just amazing!! But has made me realise that I need to take a little bit more ME-time. I’m just trying to find a new routine for myself! Sooo to rewind a little bit…

I bought a house so I’m living by myself which is amazing but needs some routine adjustments hahaha I have a lot of work which I find wonderful!! I love being busy, this also keeps me clean! On the friend front… I’ve reconnected with some great people! I missed them actually.. I struggled with this part most of my life and especially since I’ve been back from Cape Town. I didn’t know how I should behave or react or anything… My confidence was missing. Until I remembered that I can just be me. My friends accept me for who I am and this goes both ways! It’s nice to receive a message to do something from a friend. So I’m grateful for what I have in my life. On all different fronts. I also want to thank everyone for believing and supporting me! Thank you!! 🤍 I love you!

For those who are wondering… Yes I still have my off days but that’s completely normal. Don’t beat yourself up if you have an off day. “This too shall pass” And it actually does!! To trow in another great saying “Don’t give up 5 min before the miracle happens” Is also very true! Your path will lead you where you need to be.

I’m closer to my family then ever before! The bond with my brother has improved a lot! I’m so happy about this!

Talking about happiness… I can say that I’m happy and that I love myself. Not everyday cause I’ve had some bad days where I don’t really know why I’m crying or feeling down but that’s life. I feel comfortable in my own skin! And that is just a wonderful feeling! To anyone who is struggling or feeling down.. Reach out, talk about it, accept help and everything will be okay in the end. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us and that can help so much. More then we would think it would.

Thank you for reading my blog! It means a lot to me!


Lot’s of love


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