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1100 Days

Hello everyone! First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🤩 I wish everyone a year of everything you wish for. A year filled with warmth, love, health, friendship, family, joy, happiness and kindness. I hope everyone celebrated NYE in your own way!

I sure had fun celebrating NYE! I celebrated with friends whom I adore! I just felt so grateful being there! I danced my ass off and I didn’t really care how I looked or anything! I just had fun! I most important of all, I was myself without being afraid of being me. So thank you all for that amazing night! And being such amazing friends!

Since Christmas I’ve been feeling more like myself again and comfortable in my own skin. Like today i’m writing this and I’m searching for something to think why I shouldn’t be okay but I can’t find anything… Everything in my life is going well! I got a lot of work, almost beginning a new chapter in february of living by myself, found a balance again,… And I know I’ll have some days where I will feel less okay but like I said in other blogs… that’s life! Life on life terms, I just want to move forward and learn from my mistakes. I kind of have let go about certain things and that really helped! It’s a hard and difficult process but it’s worth it! When everything is going right for me I always think something is going to go wrong and I think for once i’ve let go of that fear. I’m ready for 2022 and whatever I will learn!

A few days ago I was 3 years clean… And I’m so happy about this achievement! I do find it hard to believe that it has been 3 years!! I’m kind of speechless 😶 It’s my own hard work but I also couldn’t have done it with all your support! 🙏🏼

I hope everyone had an amazing start of 2022! Know that I’m here to listen and that everything will be okay!


lot’s of love


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