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1054 Days

Dear readers, I hope you are all feeling amazing and if you are not than that is okay! Remember that you are a human and are allowed to have feelings. This too shall pass! Everything will be okay!

Yesterday I experienced one of the most beautiful days ever! The woman who saved my life with sharing her story got married. Experiencing this love celebration clean and sober was just a feeling that I cannot describe. I will remember this day for the rest of my life and I am grateful for this memory. Seeing how they have build their little family, how they love each other, how they accept one another for who they are, how they don't judge each others past, how they grow together, how they care for others, ... V&M, you are an amazing couple, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love! To be honest, I gave up on love but seeing what you 2 share and how you have found each other gives me that little bit of hope again that it may be possible for me 2. I am beyond grateful that I was there on your special day! I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. I can't describe what you mean to me and what an example you are! Your wedding made me speechless! It was just EXTRAORDINARY!

I am also in Cape Town to pick up the rest of my stuff because I am staying in Belgium. Today I started packing my stuff and I didn't know this was going to hit me so badly... Saying goodbye to Cape Town is harder than I imagined! I also know that I will never ever fully say goodbye to this country because it is part of me and my life. It's the city where I was reborn and found my motivation to live again. Where I have met amazing people, people who have inspired me. Who have been there with me in my journey, people who have supported me, who have let me make mistakes and learn from them. Cape Town gave me the freedom to find myself again! And I am grateful for the time that I have spend here and I also know that somewhere deep down it's not the end. I will be back one day!

It's time for me to start a new chapter in my journey which I already started a few months ago but something was holding me back and now I have more clarity of what I need and want. I want to move forward and have all my stuff in one place to I can feel that I am home and not choosing between 2 different homes. Cape Town will always be my second home. And I will miss Cape Town! I could write pages on what is going on in my head because it is a lot but I don't have a clear view on my thinking at the moment. I keep having flashbacks from the past few years since I came to Cape Town. Like the other day I saw the book laying in someone's house where I flew with the first time I came to Cape Town and it gave me a weird and nice feeling... okay this post is long enough I think :p Like I said, I can go on for hours but I think I'm going to leave it! Thank you for reading my blog! I honestly appreciate it!


Lot's of love


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