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My name is Marie

I was born and raised in Belgium, I come from a loving family who I love very much.  

My whole life I didn't feel good enough for myself or anyone... So in 2019 I started searching M(ari)E again and that's when I fell in love with Cape Town. I realized that I would not wish anyone to feel what I felt. I ended up being addicted to substances and the consequence was that I lost every piece of myself. Through my journey of finding M(ari)E again, I found recovery and I go through life clean and sober. 

I found Strength & Hope, I live a new way of life, I feel grateful and I have found a love to help others. 


What I love doing is creating something unique. One of a kind...

Everyone is unique, important, good enough and special in this world.

I started writing about my journey (scroll down) because I don't want to hide anymore. I am good enough so why live locked away? I want to be honest. 

PS: Scroll down to read my blog. 

Sober Time:

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